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An emergency is a situation that places a student or students at risk. It may include illness or harm, or other traumatic incidents involving violence, or a missing student. Emergencies may also represent circumstances out of the ordinary, unplanned or unexpected, involving hardships that threaten the health, safety, and wellbeing of the students.

Students in a HU-approved study abroad activity may experience emergencies due to civil unrest, pandemic disease, or a natural disaster in the host country. These students have a 24 hour emergency assistance service available to them via their study abroad program (check with your program hosts/advisors.)

Preparedness Plan

Be Prepared:
Shelter in Place Briefing

Stay Notified:
Emergency Notification
System (AlertHU)

For all HU emergencies where you are unable to reach one of the offices below, call 202-806-1100 or 202-806-7777..
For Fire/Metropolitan Police/Ambulance, call 911

Problem Contacts
1) Psychological/psychiatric emergencies—
alcohol or drug overdose, suicide attempts, depression, suspected suicide, etc.

Student Counseling Service, 202-806-6870
Hotlines & Local Emergency Resources
See also:
Campus Ministries/Guidance & Support, 202-806-7280
Student Support Groups—Regional, International, Greek

2) Sexual assault, rape, sexual violence

Campus Police, 202-806-1100
Office of General Counsel, 202-806-2650
Student Counseling Service, 202-806-6870
Office of Provost/CAO, 202-806-2550
See also:
Hotlines & Local Emergency Resources
Sexual Harassment & Gender-Based Complaints

3) Residence hall concerns Community Directors & Managers
See also:
Residence Life Handbook/Safety & Security
4) Medical concerns

HU Hospital, 202-865-1141 (Emergency Room)
Student Health Center, 202-806-7540
Dental Clinic, 202-806-0008
Student Pharmacy, 202-806-5088
Women's Clinic, 202-806-7290
See also:
Hotlines & Local Emergency Resources

5) Judicial procedures for non-academic misconduct Dean of Special Student Services, 202-238-2420
See also:
Student Code of Conduct
6) Academic difficulties

Academic Advisor
See also:
Academic Grievance Procedures

7) Students with physical and/or learning disabilities Dean of Special Student Services, 202-238-2420
8) Financial hardships Financial Aid
See also:
Who Handles What
9) International student concerns International Student Services, 202-806-7517
See also:
National Student Organizations